Special events

For weddings, baptisms, communions

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Customized events

Decoration and children's animation with workshops 100% Tangerine
Decoration of candy bars for adults and children
Floral decoration of tables and the entire space
AND SOON!! Mandarina Caravan food truck

Mandarina garden aims to give an original touch, beautiful, cheerful, sweet and simple at the same time to your parties

We will take care of the care and fun of the children during your special event, so that YOU enjoy your moment to the fullest and they too.

We will take care of the DECORATION, of the CANDY BAR, of CHILDREN'S ANIMATION, always with the differentiating touch of Mandarina garden, promoting creativity, play and beautiful things.

In Mandarina garden we will make your special day a dream

Special events for weddings, baptisms, communions

Children's animation

Mandarina's quality children's leisure

Separador Mandarina

The most important thing is that this day is fun! Now you have the animation for your event in Alicante, Barakaldo, Daimiel, La Palma, Parla y Vigo with care and quality by Mandarina garden.

Little cooks, crafts, masks, creativity according to the theme of the party, dance, magic, balloons, face painting, traditional games ... everything but always with the originality of Mandarina garden.

All with an organization, timing and specialized monitors in child care.

Animaciones infantiles Mandarina garden
Animaciones infantiles Mandarina garden

Exclusive Events Party Set

That's Mandarina!

Separador Mandarina

We have much prepared to customize and give the most important touch to your parties and events

Personalized invitation, garland with the name, pennants for the straws, cones for popcorn, little signs for the sweets, wrappers, toppers, reminders and a lot of other things !!

And if you are a wedding planner and you want to work or collaborate with us, get in touch!

Set personalizado para eventos y fiestas

Ready to prepare the event?

Here we have the magic wand!

Mandarina Special events in Alicante, Barakaldo, Daimiel, La Palma, Parla y Vigo

Separador Mandarina